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3 Things to Consider when Rethinking Economics

By Dennis Venter

Dennis Venter is an activist, content creator, and integral economist. He is working on the curriculum reform project at Rethinking Economics Australia and is the founder of the institute for Integral Economics and the Dynamic Approach (IEDA) where he is working on developing dynamic first principles for real-world economics. Dennis completed his bachelor’s in economics from the University of Pretoria and his further research interests include Complexity Economics and the History of Economic Thought.

If you are a student, professional or activist thinking outside of the box to address the questions of our time, then this is for you. Today, at Rethinking Economics Australia, we’ve launched a new blog publication; a shared space where we give respect and exposure to people like you. Join us in rethinking economics for a better tomorrow!

How to rethink economics

  • On the individual level, we are smart and dynamic.
  • On the collective level, our lives are linked to ever-changing social and cultural systems.

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