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A bit of background

Rethinking Economics Australia is the Australian branch of Rethinking Economics, committed to pluralism in economic discourse and education. We are a collection of students, professionals, educators and researchers that want to reform not only how economics is approached in the Australian context, but globally as well.

Rethinking Economics challenges the narrow orthodoxy and promotes a broad range of views and discussion.  Through seminars and educational programs we promote economic literacy and debate. There are many alternative narratives, and we are not bound to pursue failed policies that endanger society and the environment. We can choose, but first we must understand.

Rethinking Economics is not aligned to any political party, and encourages a broad diversity of contributions. We welcome your participation. Students and student groups, academics, and anyone who is interested in being involved in REA is invited to become a member, and join a movement committed to a socially just and environmentally sustainable economic order.