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How to Submit: Rethinking Economics for a Better Tomorrow

Are you considering writing an article for us?

First of all, relax! If you are a student and this is your first article, that’s all good! You don’t need to be an expert writer – If you are unsure of anything, we’re here to help.

Before you start writing, there are a few things you should know. The name of our blog is ‘Rethinking Economics for a Better Tomorrow’ because that is what we would like to do. The rest of the information on this page should help you get started. Once you are happy with your article, use the button at the bottom of the page to submit it.

The article you write may be one of the following types or even a combination of different types:

Give your opinion on a certain economic perspective or topic. Usually, this will be related to pluralism in some way. You should at least briefly mention the alternatives that exist to the topic or perspective that you are writing about.

Discuss the economy or socio-political affairs of a certain country or region. Usually, such practical articles will also be connected in some way to a deeper understanding of economics.

Write a review of a book, article or topic. This may be a critical piece or just an opportunity for you to explain something in a way that is easy to understand for other readers.

Article length:

Short articles may be between 500 to 1500 words.

More confident writers may submit articles up to 3000 words.

Anything longer than this will have to be divided into separate articles.

Article tone:

Be casual and informative. Explain any terms you use.

Get to the point, have the confidence to express it clearly.

Break up your paragraphs into short chunks of four to five sentences, and use subheadings.

Be respectful – As rethinkers, we all want the teaching, practice and application of economics to serve people and planet.

Please ensure that your article is respectful to other perspectives.

You are writing for an international audience, who speak many languages. Therefore, write with clarity and avoid phrases that may not translate well.

Other important things to note:

You may submit your article here and also on Medium. Most of our writers choose to post their article here on our website and also in our Medium publication.

What is Medium?

Medium is a platform where experts and undiscovered voices can share their writing and get published in publications. Our blog is also run as a publication on Medium.

If you want your article to appear in our Medium publication, you may also submit it there.

Check out our Medium publication here.

Need some more inspiration?

To get more suggestions of topics that you can write about, please read this article.