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Rethinking economic pedagogy requires us to reconsider the tools we are passing on to future generations.

An online study module for undergraduate students.

Rethinking Economics Australia is working towards the goal of providing an up-to-date study module or lecture series that students can use to supplement their university economics education. We hope to help students to gain access to fresh perspectives that their economics degrees might not be teaching them.

Since 1 September 2022, we have surveyed Australian economics students on their experience with their curriculum. This survey will be followed up by a more comprehensive Curriculum Review Study to determine what might be missing from undergraduate economics courses in Australia. Our study will indicate a clear direction for our educational project.

A joint Youth Education Project.

The slides below are part of a 2023 Joint Youth Education Project aimed at high school students. Credit goes to Peter Chou, Youth Education Project Lead at Rethinking Economics New Zealand. Peter created these by sourcing content from the Oikos Academy, further developing it with his own thought, and adding innovative activities that can be performed during a workshop.

Contact us if you want to assist with the research that goes into developing the next batch of workshop slides or if you would like to be involved with getting this project off the ground.