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Blog sites and Websites


NAKED KEYNSIANISM – Blog by  Matias Vernengo

Thomas Palley – Economics for democratic and open societies

reddytoread – Sanjay G. Reddy’s blog on economics and other subjects

Robert Skidelsky

Yanis Varoufakis  – Thoughts for the post 2008 world

Bill Mitchell | Modern Monetary Theory … macroeconomic reality
An extensive blog and wide-ranging discussion based on Modern Monetary Theory.


Institute for New Economic Thinking

ERA aims to educate and advise decision makers and the community about the economic foundations of a financially stable society based on social justice and ecological sustainability.

New Economy Network Australia (NENA)  
A network of individuals and organisations working to transform Australia’s economic system to achieve ecological health and social justice.

Steady State NSW (CASSE)
NSW chapter of the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE).

A broad range of topics on issues affecting our social and economic wellbeing.

Key themes explored on this website focus on the need for comprehensive reform of the worldwide money system. This site also contains a range of free resources related to credit theory and financial systems.

World Economics Association (WEA)
Based in the UK The  WEA offers a platform for a worldwide  community of economists, promoting a pluralism of approaches to economic analysis.

Associative Economics: Beyond the market. Beyond banking
Associative economics places human beings at the centre of all economic processes

The Association for Social Economics
Founded in 1941 to promote high quality research in the broadly defined area of social economics

These are just a few links to web based resources and organisations which challenge the economic orthodoxy and explore positive alternatives to our destructive practices. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.