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A series of podcasts exploring a better future. We bring together activists, campaigners and economists to throw light on a sustainable way forward.
In conversation: Daniel Wilczynski and Rohan Grey

Crypto Currency and Government Digital Currency

What’s the difference? Why do we need them? What issues or concerns do they give rise to?

In conversation: Tyson Yunkaporta and Annick Thomassin

Land as Capital
Tyson Yunkaporta and Annick Thomassin discuss the value of land, rights and obligations and the loss of connection in our economic system

In conversation: Cameron Murray with Morag Gamble

Making the real changes we need for a sustainable future
Morag and Cameron talk about a rich, caring, one planet way of life.

In conversation: Bradley Schott with Dr Tim Thornton

Designing an Economics Curriculum fit for purpose
Bradley Schott and Tim Thornton

In Conversation: Gabie Bond and David Joy

Campaigning for a brighter future
Gabie and David look at the economics of a job/income guarantee including a rapid transition to 100% (or even 700%) renewable energy.