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A series of podcasts exploring a better future. We bring together activists, campaigners and economists to throw light on a sustainable way forward.
In Conversation: Gabie Bond and David Joy

Campaigning for a brighter future
Gabie and David look at the economics of a job/income guarantee including a rapid transition to 100% (or even 700%) renewable energy.

In conversation: Cameron Murray with Morag Gamble

Making the real changes we need for a sustainable future
Morag and Cameron talk about a rich, caring, one planet way of life.

In conversation: Bradley Schott with Dr Tim Thornton

Designing an Economics Curriculum fit for purpose
Bradley Schott and Tim Thornton

In conversation: Tyson Yunkaporta and Annick Thomassin

Land as Capital
Tyson Yunkaporta and Annick Thomassin discuss the value of land, rights and obligations and the loss of connection in our economic system