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To rethink research is to question prevailing paradigms, under the common goal of further developing the discipline of economics.

At Rethinking Economics Australia, our research undertakings involve, among other projects, a review of the Australian undergraduate curriculum.

An Economics Curriculum Survey has been running since 1 September 2022. This survey was designed to report the sentiment and experiences of economics students at Australian universities.

Have a look at the survey results in this report.

We are now in the planning phase of our Curriculum Review Study which will reveal what is missing from undergraduate economics curricula. Our study will involve an actual review of the content of undergraduate economics courses in Australia as well as a process of engagement with experts and stakeholders.

Once completed, we hope to continue our efforts by providing an up-to-date study module or lecture series that students can use to supplement their studies.

We hope to give students access to fresh perspectives that may be missing from their curriculum.

Soon, you will be able to follow our profiling as we go.

Click on the following links to download curriculum review projects completed by other Rethinking Economics groups in the UK and Holland.

We would like your input. What do you think we should do differently in our curriculum review project? What do you think is missing from economics undergraduate degrees in Australia? If you could reform the curriculum, what would you change?

You may email your input to and we will get in touch. Alternatively, you may submit it to our blog publication.